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If/When Podcast Hero

The world we’ll be faced with tomorrow demands big ideas today. In Jacobs’ series of If/When interviews with some of today’s leading industry and academic problem solvers, we discuss the Ifs and Whens of disruption - those phenomena with the potential to unsettle the status quo, as well as those now imminent and emerging.

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Sparks; A special edition podcast series brought to you by Jacobs and World Climate Forum

From clean energy innovations in Scotland, to sustainable buildings in Dubai, we’ll be interviewing global green leaders, financiers, and entrepreneurs about the policies, investments and innovations that are accelerating our progress towards a resilient and sustainable world. Our podcast hopes to educate and inspire, sparking real conversations with the intention to Collaborate. Act. Commit. to real change.

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Inflection Points

Inflection Points

Inflection points are events that result in significant economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological changes that shape our world. Our Inflection Points provide background on these critical issues, the challenges at their core and the actions we’re taking to create a more connected, sustainable world.

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    In the news

    We partner with clients to solve complex challenges overcoming change and disruption. It’s one thing for us to say it, and much better when our thought leaders share their insights and experience through podcasts, publications, webinars, virtual presentations, reports, interviews and other stories.

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    Jacobs' webinar series on the topics important now deliver content from our world-class experts on topics ranging from water infrastructure, climate change, and the future of cities to cybersecurity and lessons learned from the pandemic. Watch the episodes now.

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    Latest News

    At Jacobs, we make the world smarter, more connected and more sustainable. Together, we’re pushing the limits of what’s possible. We stay ahead to create the new standards our future needs. Visit our newsroom for our latest press materials, news articles and original content from our thought leaders.